Trusted Manufacturing Partner of the World's Most Demanding OEMs

We specialize in precision optical, electro-optical, sophisticated electronicPCBA and electro-mechanical process technologies for high-mix, any-volumeproduction. Our extraordinary customer service, flexibility and skill in managingcomplex operations in lower cost Southeast Asia has made us the trusted partner of the world’s most dema nding OEMs.


Component Build Capability:

TO-CAN Assembly Die Attach/Wire Bonding Hermetic Sealing Dicing Fiber Polishing Slicing Fiber Alignment – 6 axis Laser Welding Connectorization

PCBA Manufacturing Including:

SMT Thru Hole Flip Chip Micro BGA RoHS compliant PCBA PBX Flexible Circuit Cable

Optic Class Material Component Manufacturing (Through subsidiaries' VitroCom and Casix): Crystals Filters